Trox – Air Distribution and Components

About TROX

TROX is a global leader in the development, production and sale of components, units and systems for the ventilation and air conditioning of rooms. With 32 subsidiary companies in 29 countries on five continents, 19 production facilities, and importers and representatives, TROX is present in over 70 countries. Currently, the TROX GROUP has around 4,000 employees worldwide and generates revenues of about EUR 530 million.

S.L.J. Holdings is the authorized dealer for TROX Products and solutions in Sri Lanka, Australia & Malaysia.

– Designed for High Comfort

Together with renowned designers and architects we have developed ceiling, wall, staircase and floor diffusers and grilles that are not only aesthetic design elements but also meet demanding ventilation and acoustic requirements.

Air-Water Systems
– Air for the people – water for the loads.

Today, air-water systems are used in many modern buildings and, especially in office and administration buildings, offer energy-efficient solutions for the internal space ventilation and air conditioning.

There is a variety of installation possibilities for air-water systems, which means that, for almost every building, variants that meet the most demanding architectural requirements are available.

Decentralised ventilation systems

External Louvres – Louvre Blades

Sound Attenuators
– Well indoor climate means also: no static noise

With the introduction of VDI 6022, specific hygiene requirements for room air conditioning systems were required for the first time. Splitters and splitter attenuators from TROX are certified for use in room air conditioning systems in accordance with VDI 6022 Parts 1 and 3, DIN 1946 Parts 2 and 4 and VDI 3802.

Fire and Smoke Protection
– Tested and Certified Safety

Every person should be able to feel safe in the knowledge that the building they are entering or using and underground transport systems will not put them in danger or become a trap. For this reason, fire can never really be completely ruled out, not least due to human error.

The correct preventative measures and components can help to eliminate this risk and restrict the damage caused by fire. Fire safety components and systems help to minimize the risk of fire and prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

Control Units
– How much air do you need?

Ventilation and air conditioning systems are called upon to adjust indoor air quality and the conditions for heating comfort and humidity in a room so as to comply with established stipulations (DIN EN 13779).

The priority of this observation is the indoor climate. To maintain the necessary air quality and enable economical operation of the system, all air flows of a system must be monitored and controlled. The air-distribution equipment is thus given an important task.

Control systems

– Comfort Conditioning Systems by Example of an Office

Looking for perfect indoor air management that fulfils individual requirements on energy efficiency, comfort levels, acoustic properties and air quality?

Look no further. X-AIRCONTROL is efficient, demand-based, and super flexible.

– Air Management System for Labs and other Sensitive Areas

Labs and clean rooms pose the greatest challenge to air management systems.

LABCONTROL is a modular system that can be tailored to whatever customers need. And so easy to install with plug and play.

– Control system EASYLAB – LABCONTROL

Everything you need to know in regards to laboratory air management. Whether system overview or design details, the manual is clearly structured and explains all aspects of EASYLAB, including the wide range of applications. The design manual assists you in designing your perfect solution.

Filter Elements and Filter Units
– You can breathe easy!


The Safer Solution Against Covid-19. From The Market Leader In Ventilation Technology.

– Fans and Ventilation Components for Technical Building Services

We want our products to work for you. So we make sure you can contact our experts at our offices and in the field at any time for technical assistance and support.

From planning your plant right through to implementation – we can provide you with the right solution for every situation. Tailor-made and innovative, whether you need to ventilate or extract smoke from an underground car park or heat large buildings and industrial premises. Even if you need complex smoke extraction systems for special-purpose structures or especially efficient ventilation designs, you can still count on us.

Central Air Handling Units

With the X-CUBE compact TROX has created a ready-to-operate and pre-configured air handling unit that combines the excellent features of the X-CUBE in the smallest of spaces. These units handle volume flow rates of 600 to 6,000 m3/h and offer a heat recovery efficiency of over 80 % (dry, to EN 308), hence they are the ideal solution for small and midrange applications.

TROX offers nine different X-CUBE compact units with a choice of two different heat recovery systems.

– Top Performance, Small Size – Compact. Efficient. TROX

Advantages at a glance

  • Volume flow rates of 600 to 6,000 m³/h
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Powerful EC fans
  • High level of hygiene (conforms to VDI 6022)
  • Heat recovery with rotary heat exchanger or counter flow plate heat exchanger
  • Air filtration with TROX minipleat or NanoWave filters
  • Ready-to-operate unit (plug and play)
  • Integral, bus compatible controls
  • Intuitive operation
  • Integration with advanced ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Optional weatherproof version with powder-coated metal roof to protect the unit and accessories,
    with perimeter drip edge, RAL 7012
  • Made in Germany


With the TROX X-CUBE, an air handling unit with unlimited configuration options, TROX sets a new standard in the AHU market and defines considerably higher levels of quality, performance, flexibility, reliability, energy efficiency, and hygiene. Compelling all down the line. TROX now offers everything from a single source: air handling units and components – ideally complementary to each other.

For even more energy efficiency and better quality with less coordination effort.

  • For the ventilation of rooms and entire buildings, for filtering, heating, and cooling the air, for heat recovery as well as for humidification and dehumidification, and for volume flow rates of up to 86,000 m3/h.
  • Flexible frame construction, completely covered externally by thermally insulated panels or doors.
  • Easy installation, maintenance and cleaning.
  • Significantly reduced wiring workload due to flexible control and regulation based on fieldbus technology.
  • Special hygiene construction variant according to AHU Guideline 01 (RLT-Richtlinie 01) for use in hospitals and laboratories; weatherproof construction variant for outdoor installation.